We guarantee the quality of the services we perform. If the cylinder head service was performed improperly, then we will redo the service at no additional cost to you during the established warranty period of forty five (45) days. If the timing belt is put on incorrectly (by the customer) and causes valves to bend, we do charge for the price of the valves during the warranty period.


We check each cylinder after work is performed to ensure it has the highest compression possible. Complete work, Diesel work, specialized jobs do not leave the facility unless it passes the compression test. 


We will provide our customers upon drop-off our opinion on what work we think needs to be performed and will only do what is asked of us by the client. Cylinder heads that are refaced (milled) are not given a guarantee as we do not do any work to the cylinders.


Some parts like new ordered cylinder heads and services have a different warranty. 

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